Covid-19 Safeguard measures for EUROBUS

EUROBUS offers comprehensive protection measures to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.
The measures are based on the protection concept of the Federal Council and the Car Tourisme Suisse association, which has been approved by the Federal Office of Public Health Switzerland (BAG).
Together with the partners of the Knecht Group, EUROBUS has many years of experience in the health sector. Accordingly, we are well prepared to carry out trips with optimal protection of the health and well-being of our clients and employees. Further information about EUROBUS activities in the health sector can be found here:

Disinfection and cleaning of vehicles

EUROBUS disinfects its buses after each use with an efficient disinfection method that originates from the clinical sector. In this process, a gas flows at high pressure through the interior of the bus. This is particularly effective in cracks and in the ventilation and air-conditioning ducts, preventing the gas from spreading through the interior ventilation system.
In addition, the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned.
When driving for several days, the driver disinfects and cleans the contact points in the interior of the vehicle (handles, folding tables, armrests, on-board toilet, switches, adjustment knobs for seat position, support surfaces) every evening if possible.

Hand hygiene: disinfectants - protective gloves

Guests are encouraged to follow the FOPH's instructions on mobile phone hygiene. In particular, shaking hands must be avoided and hands must be washed and disinfected regularly. For this purpose, a disinfectant dispenser is installed at each entrance to the vehicle and the on-board toilet is equipped with disinfectant and soap. We also recommend that customers bring their own disinfectant.

Our driver and the tour guide strictly follow the instructions regarding hand hygiene according to the Federal Office of Public Health Switzerland (BAG). In particular they also refrain from shaking hands. Each driver has a personal disinfectant with him/her. The driver wears protective gloves when loading and unloading luggage. Protective gloves are also worn when the driver or the tour guide distributes items.

Protective masks

We recommend wearing protective masks if the safety distance cannot be maintained.
The guest is basically responsible for procuring and bringing along protective masks. On multi-day trips, the buses are equipped with protective masks, which can be purchased from the chauffeur if required and while stocks last. It is the passenger's own responsibility to observe the obligation to wear masks. The driver informs the guests at the beginning of the journey about the recommendation to wear masks. Our driver and the tour guide wear masks as soon as they move closer than two metres from other people. This means in particular when loading and unloading luggage, boarding and disembarking guests and when distributing objects.

on-board toilet

The on-board toilet is open. Please disinfect your hands before using the toilet.
Please wash your hands after use with soap and/or disinfect them again. Disinfectant is available in the toilet. We use special self-decomposing towels which you can dispose of directly in the toilet (closed disposal).

Waste Management

The driver empties the litter bins regularly, at least every evening. Gloves are worn when disposing of the waste. The litter bins in the buses have lockable flaps. Used handkerchiefs from passengers should be disposed of in a special plastic bag, which is available in the bus.

Protective measures for the driving personnel

A fever is taken for each driver before the journey. If this is not possible, the driver carries it out in self-control. If the temperature rises, the driver does not start the journey and is replaced by another driver.
The row of seats behind the driver is locked. If a tour guide is travelling with the driver, the first row of seats behind the guide is also locked.
If the vehicle has two entrances, access is only possible through the rear entrance.
Drivers over 65 years of age wear a protective hygiene mask. We ask you to observe and respect the protective measures for the driving personnel.

Emergency stock of protective material

Each vehicle has a (limited) emergency supply and auxiliary equipment:

  • clinical thermometer (touchless)
  • Hand disinfectants
  • disposable gloves
  • Hygiene masks
  • Roll of small plastic bags

Payment for the trip

We waive the payment in cash. All bookings can be paid in advance.
Package tours lasting several days can be paid by invoice or online with credit card, Twint or Postfinance. For day trips, only online advance payment by credit card, Twint or Postfincance is possible.

Health check passengers

Before the journey, each passenger must confirm his or her state of health by means of a self-check questionnaire. In the case of a group, the person responsible for the group will provide confirmation for all passengers in the group. Fever measurements (touchless) can be taken before the journey by the driving or the instruction personnel. Passengers and drivers who show symptoms of illness, who feel ill or who have had contact with COVID-19 sufferers are not allowed to take the ride.

Seat assignment

If seats have been assigned in advance, boarding takes place according to seat numbering. If no seats have been assigned in advance, please follow the instructions of the driving personnel or the instructing personnel. Wherever possible, we will take into account that relatives and acquaintances can sit together. Please do not change your seat afterwards during the entire journey. In order to comply with the distance rules, we do not provide active assistance with boarding and alighting, for which we ask for your understanding. Depending on the type of travel and the coach used, we will limit the occupancy of our coaches to further minimise the risk of infection.

Points of embarkation / departure terminals

Wherever possible, waiting areas are marked at departure terminals and boarding points.
If not, please respect the distance rules and follow the instructions of the driver and/or tour guide.
Where necessary, we postpone the departure times of individual buses and/or place the buses with sufficient distance so that the distance rules can be observed at all times.

Symptoms of illness while driving

If a guest falls ill during the journey and shows the symptoms of a Covid-19 disease according to the Federal Office of Public Health Switzerland (BAG), EUROBUS will immediately inform the Federal Office of Public Health Switzerland (BAG) and a medical officer of EUROBUS and together with them the further steps will be determined. In this case, please strictly follow the instructions of the driver and/or the tour guide.


Any liability of the companies belonging to the EUROBUS Group in connection with the protection concept is excluded. We also expressly refer to the liability exclusions in our General Contractual and Travel Conditions GCTC.

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