Safety and Environment

Hereunder you will find interesting information about safety and the environment. You will learn why coach travel is an environmentally friendly way to get about, and how the most modern coach fleet in Switzerland contributes to your safety.
We have collected the most important indications about these topics in a brochure for you, which you can download via the link below (only available in German):




Safety on Board

The travel coach is the safest motorised means of trasportation, bar none. EUROBUS strives to achieve the most modern safety standards and to improve them continuously. It is our goal to offer you unrivalled safety next to highest quality, in order to enable you to maximise your travel pleasure with us.


EUROBUS blickt auf eine lange Tradition zurück. Seit 1909 bemühen wir uns mit ganzer Kraft, die Zufriedenheit und Sicherheit der Gäste zu gewährleisten. Unsere langjährige Erfahrung nutzen wir, um in Ihre Sicherheit zu investieren.

Operating Licence

A licence is mandatory in order to operate a coach company. This entitles an enterprise to transport passengers. EUROBUS possesses such a licence, issued by the Swiss Federal Transports Office, for international commercial passenger coach travel activities.

Tour Leaders and Coach Drivers

Tour Leaders and Coach Drivers are well aware of their responsibilities. Each of our drivers has been thoroughly schooled, and regularly attends internal and external  safety and driving training sessions, as well as continuing education events. In addition to all this, drivers submit themselves regularly to legally-mandated medical examinations.

Safety Standards on Board

EUROBUS operates one of the most modern coach fleets in Switzerland with an average age of 3.5 years. All EUROBUS travel coaches are fitted with safety belts, which are compulsory to wear. On board, passengers are shown a video about our own safety standards. Moreover, a large number of our vehicles is equipped with the most modern drive monitoring devices such as lane-keeping assist, assisted cruise control and attention assist.

Digital drive logging system

All our coaches have been fitted with a trip odometer, as mandated by law. This device logs in every movement of the vehicle and shows whether the driver has kept to his legally binding times of travel and rest. The odometer is checked regularly by the inspecting authoritiy.


The highest allowed speed for coaches in Switzerland is 100 km/h. Any acceleration causing to exceed this speed will activate the automatic delimiter device, which autonomously brakes the vehicle to bring it back within the limits of the highest speed permitted.

Coach Maintenance

We inspect all the inner workings of our travel coaches regularly. They are submitted yearly to the technical checks of the Cantonal Road Traffic office. They meet all safety parameters specified by the Government, and are therefore equipped with the most modern technical features.

Work and Rest Hours Regulation (ARV)

The observance of the legal prescriptions concerning Work and Rest hours of professional motor coach drivers is a given with us at EUROBUS. We respect driving and rest times and weekly maximum total service hours and breaks. We rely on trip log cards as means of checking duty hours. 

Emergency stand-by service

Our emergency response team is at disposal around the clock, also for minor interventions. In case of events with broader implications, we create a crisis management group composed of a trained core team and of external specialists. EUROBUS cooperates in these cases with the Travel Helpdesk of Allianz Insurance, which is in charge of liaising with the next of kin of passengers in a scenario of exceptional circumstances.


EUROBUS is insured beyond current legal requirements. Third-party damage and passenger insurance are covered in each damage case by a sum of 100 million Swiss Francs. Additional accident cover encompasses among others care convalescence costs over 5 years, unlimited, as well as rescue and transportation charges.

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