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Single or Multiple Day Rentals

Do you need transportation by coach for just one day, or do you need to be mobile for several days for your company, club or private purposes? Exploit all the advantages your own private vehicle brings to you, be it for several days or just a single one, and request a free quote from us, quickly and easily:

EUROBUS-Advantages for your Single Day or Multiple Day Rental:

  • You decide the departure time
  • You decide the departure and arrival locations
  • We actively assist you in looking for the most suitable pick-up and access locations
  • We calculate coach journey duration for you
  • We advise you in the choice of the ideal routing
  • We consult with you in the selection of a vehicle type that best fits your needs

Suitable pick-up locations

Where are the best pick-up locations in my vicinity?

Avail yourself of one of the official EUROBUS pick-up locations, suitably equipped with user-friendly infrastructure. Or, if you prefer, you can choose to rely on our long experience for advice about specific departure locations close to you.

Correct calculation of travelling times

How long is the journey to my destination?

We help you assess the duration of your journey through calculation of the driver’s legally mandatory breaks (as per European Work and Rest Regulations – ARV).

Ideal routing

Which is the ideal route to follow?

Would you prefer getting to destination fast, via the most direct routing, or would you appreciate a leisurely drive through attractive landscapes and countryside? We will find the optimum route for you, taking into consideration time, traffic and your demands.

Ideal vehicle for your needs

Which vehicle size and type is best suited to my needs?

We will advise you concerning the type of vehicle that best meets your needs.
Are you still unsure about your group size, since the exact number of participants is as yet undefined…? No problem! We will submit you a selection of different vehicle sizes, and you can let us have your final choice about 3-2 weeks prior to departure date.

Our drivers

Our drivers have been carefully handpicked during the employment process. Every year they take part in further training as mandated by law, as well as in additional internal training sessions. The core elements of their additional schooling are safety, customer-oriented performance and technical competence.

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