Climate and Environment

Hereunder you will find interesting information about climate protection and the environment. You will learn why coach travel is an environmentally friendly way to get about, and how EUROBUS enganges in the climate protection.
We have collected the most important indications about these topics in a brochure for you, which you can download via the link below (only available in German):




The coach is one of the most environmentally friendly motorized transports and performs well compared to other transport modes in the CO2 balance. He uses by far the least energy per person. This results in low pollutant emissions.

Travel 100 percent climate-neutral

Create the future with EUROBUS

Today, climate change is one of the biggest global challenges. That is why EUROBUS actively engages for climate protection. Thanks to the most recent diesel engines and the highest technical standards, our coaches burn the least amount of energy. Like that they recognize inclination and reduce the power of their engines to save fuel.

In collaboration with myclimate, we enable you to compensate the CO2-mission of you coach tour completely. Your contributions support global climate protection-projects and help achieving sustainable development goals. With the voluntary CO2-compensations of our EUROBUS customers in 2019, we were able to reduce the percentage of the greenhouse gasses to 931 tons. This weight equates to approximately 45 of our coaches of the comfort class.


With us, the climate is better off, too. Climate change is one of the biggest global challenges of our time. We are all touched by it, and we must contribute to the reduction in greenhouse gases. Travelling by coach puts you on the right path (please see table above), but our efforts to preserve the climate from damage go further. With EUROBUS you have the opportunity to compensate for the CO2  emissions of your tour. Your contribution will be employed by the Non-Profit-Organisation myclimate towards different climate safeguarding projects. On you will find the compensation amount corresponding to each journey. For the Cinque Terre tour this amounts, for instance, to CHF 6 per person. In the brochure here below, you will find an overview of which projects are supported by myclimate: 


Klimaschutz-Projekte 2018

Projects of myclimate

Myclimate is a Swiss organisation, which uses donations to push versatile projects about climate protection and assistance of development countries. With your voluntary contributions, myclimate is able to reach their goals.



With your CO2-compensation in 2019, you support the production and the distribution of climate friendly solar-powered cookstove in Madagascar. From using less wood to cook these cookstoves counter the continuing deforestation of Madagascar.

EUROBUS success Solar-powered cookstove




Also thank to you compensation, the peat bog of the Glarner Schwändital was able to be restored. Moors are the homeland of many rare animals and plants, which is why the Swiss biodiversity profits of their preservation. Furthermore, moors not only help the groundwater protection, but also the climate protection. They accumulate tremendous amounts of carbon dioxide and thus help reducing the CO2.

EUROBUS success peat bog

Climate protection at EUROBUS

At EUROBUS all coaches are equipped with the most modern diesel engines and the best possible technical refinements. This means, for example, that our vehicles detect inclines and gradients and automatically reduce the engine power and thus also the diesel consumption in front of a summit.

Environment management norm ISO 14001

Credible environment protection is part and parcel of our corporate ethics orientation towards sustainability. The norm ISO 14001 defines worldwide valid criteria  for efficient environment management systems. Here you can view our ISO 14001 certificate:


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